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Apr. 2023

RNV-1002 for CAVD Hit · Lead Compound stage selected as the national new drug development project by KDDF

Mar. 2023

RNV-1003 selected as AI Vouch Support Program for identification of potential therapeutic Hit Compounds in Aortic Stenosis


Nov. 2021

RNV-1001 selected as the national new drug development project by KDDF*

* KDDF (The Korea Drug Development Fund) is a government funded organization to accelerate innovation activities in Korean pharmaceutical R&D communities. KDDF supports the investment and development of promising drugs.

Jul. 2021

Initiate Phase 2/3 in the US

May. 2021

Series B Investment($19M)


Sep. 2020

IND approval for Phase Ⅱ/Ⅲ in US

Jun. 2020

Company name changed to REDNVIA
US FDA Pre-IND submission
Selected for Korean Ministry of SMEs Startup' 'K-Unicorn' program

Apr. 2020

US branch established
Research cooperation contract with US Mayo Clinic


Nov. 2019

Series A Investment ($6.7M)

Aug. 2019

Phase Ⅱ initiated in Korea

Jun. 2019

IND approval for Phase Ⅱ in Korea

Jan. 2019

Patent Transfer Agreements(L/I)
Dong-A ST(composition of matter) : DPP-4i 'Evogliptin'
Seoul Asan Hospital & Ulsan University : Use of 12 DPP-4i for CAVD


Dec. 2018

Company founded